Software for your leisure

An average employed person spends about 40 hours a week for a work and about 56 hours for a sleep. This is in total about 60% of an average week time. Definitely other 40% – it’s not so much. Even less time spends on leisure, entertainment, hobbies …

Every minute of a modern man worth its weight in gold and it is important to help him spend it with maximum efficiency.

That is why to entertainment and leisure projects WorkRocks pays particular attention to ensuring a convenience and a comfort for every user.

Traveling, music, cinema, communication – in these areas we have contributed by developing software products.

Web solutions and applications for mobile devices – the main specialization in this area.

We can offer

  • Market analysts
  • Optimal technological solution
  • Firm style and branding

  • Usability
  • Applications for mobile devices
  • Web-interfaces development

  • Synchronization of desktop and mobile applications
  • Maintainance and support

Examples of branch solutions