Workrocks. Individuality in every detail

The Workrocks company – is a reliable supplier of high-tech software solutions for businesses since 2002.

Among the developments of the company as an innovative designs for large commercial enterprises and government agencies to optimize internal business processes, improve their efficiency and safety, as well as software solutions for business interaction with consumers.

Years of experience with demanding customers, helped to the top management of the company to form a flexible, productive and transparent model of interaction with a customer, from the first contact until the start of the final product.

Full immersion into the specifics of each new order and meticulousness and attention to detail from project to project, allowed to accumulate a solid knowledge base, providing a high level of competence.

Healthcare, Safety, Construction and architecture, trade and finance, communications and information technology – are the main directions of Workrocks’ specialization.

The Workrocks headquartered in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk- is one of the main centers of software development and professional IT-staff in Ukraine and Eastern European region, however, thanks to the developed partner network, which currently includes offices in the US, Canada, Israel, the UAE, the company is constantly involved in the development of complex innovative software solutions for international customers.

About the company

The presentation provides basic information about the Workrockrs, the list of services, representative offices

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Enterprise solutions

Presentation provides information on experience in the development and implementation of complex enterprise solutions for businesses and government agencies

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Web development

The list of service areas, the most interesting and vibrant projects collected in this presentation

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Developing for mobile devices

Applications by Workrocks. Presentation contains not only descriptions, but also links to install

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